Great Salespeople quit thinking about a sale, and start thinking about a business. Serve first sale later you got to be a servant before you can become a master of the universe and other Great Salespeople treat each customer with a high level of customer service (1 customer at a time). Also take the time […]

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make time

Chapter 16 make time don’t manage Look to Control Time Rather than Manage It and how do you do that lets roll Schedule Your Day in 15-Minute Blocks with this it gives you shorts burst of energy and time to move on to another target another tip Make Quality Time for Your Family Every day

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stay motiviated

Chapter 15 ways to stay motivated There are ways to stay motivated in fact I may write a whole book on the subject sometime the first is to Work to your Potential Not Your Quota and Shoot for Extraordinary and to be huge and great and be known!!! another way is to be the Most […]

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add to the deal

to be the best Chapter 14 add on to the deal and sees what happens One way to generate additional business is to generate new sales with every sale that you have you can spend months to get your client to buy. at least offer him some add ons some bonuses go to any major […]

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commitment Sometimes you have to go all in and commit let me rephrase that you should commit to every opportunity that you have in life. which means make that personal visit walk into that office call them on their phone send them a text do whatever it takes to get to them we are taught […]

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The sixth A is for action For most people there biggest issue in sales is they don’t take enough action. you have to think like a mad man whatever it takes to get the job done. you don’t need balance you need excess so much that the sale is the only thing you think about […]

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