sales tip of today

acknowledge and always agree acknowledge  is  the act to accept or admit the existence or truth of  and it is important step sales people forget to do it.  if someone says I am just shopping or looking just say excellent I do the same thing before I buy something then move to your ask questions phase of selling. it also works in the close phase if someone says there goanna call you back you say I love that excellent idea or you can go ahead and get this done so you can focus on the more important stuff lets do this go for the close. it works if there complaining say the customer says it taking  too long say I appreciate your feedback and I know we are taking to long will you forgive us If they say no hey I like that your committed to your opinion and I am not goanna give up on you   these are all examples of acknowledgement and important sales part try this for a day whatever anybody says if there cussing you out or loving you always acknowledge here are some words to use I agree, im there with ya, great idea, excellent I love that, I appreciate that, awesome great choice use words like that during your day and watch your sales rise above normal levels.


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