hard close

Chapter 11 the hard close It has been said it takes 5 to 7 times to ask someone to finally get a yes is that true I dnt know You must believe in yourself and your product that there life cannot continue unless they have your service. You must be armed with all your weapons […]

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the sales process

Chapter 10 the sales process not much has changed over the years in sales most training is dated and full of stuff crazy people want to use like NLP and mimicking this is sales taken to the extreme. these can be hurtful my process is simple yet effective. Greet let them know you are here […]

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Chapter 9 the fifth A is for Alternatives a lot of sales are lost because of the salesperson being on the wrong product move up and down what is alternative of one or more things) available as another possibility and remember move up don’t go down!!! always show your power to move up and pay […]

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give an apology

give an Apology the fourth A what is an apology the definition express regret for something that one has done wrong) trust me you have done something wrong if there is no deal so what do you do?? the magic of give give  give sometimes you have to give an apology the normal person is […]

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acknowledge and build trust the third A let’s look at the definition of acknowledge to admit to be real or true recognize the existence of truth or fact of to show gratitude or appreciation to take notice to reply to indicate receipt of to recognize authority. think of how this is important to the customer […]

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a for agreement

the second a agreement This is the most powerful sales A the second A is for Agreement. what is agreement??? let’s look at the definition and there is a few first the act of agreeing or coming to a mutual agreement the state of being in accord an arrangement that is accepted by all parties […]

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price is not the problem

price is not the problem I challenge you to survey everybody in your office what blows the most sales I bet you most of them would say price and this is completely untrue nothing could be further than the truth Price not your biggest concern. I hope and neither is the customers most sales are […]

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